Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sea Safety at Kaiteriteri

WHAT: Trip to Kaiteriteri 

WHEN:  Week Five             Friday     2nd March
by Tyla :) 

Yay! We are going on a trip with Whenua-Iti to Kaiteriteri.  Now some of you might be thinking,
"Oh yeah just another trip to the beach...why aren't those kids in the classroom learning?"
 But it's not just a beach trip; we are going to be actively learning how to kayak, canoe, how to work in teams and all about sea safety.

 Whenua iti recommend students come wearing :
  • Poly pro top and bottom 
  • Quick drying shorts 
  • Sunhat
  •  Suncream

Bring in day bag : Please pack...
  1. Personal medication if required 
  2. Swimming togs & towel 
  3. Full drink bottle
  4. Plenty of energising snacks
  5. Packed lunch 
  6. Extra suncream for lunch time
  7. Warm outer layer - fleece  
  8. Complete change of clothes

Safety Equipment :
All safety to be supplied by Whenua Iti Outdoors.

Whenua iti staff will bring a FEW extra polypro and fleece however  it would be great if students could bring their own or borrow polyprops.          

22nd March Trip to Whenua Iti

CHALLENGE: Some people might need some ideas for energising snacks. What ideas and suggestions do you have?

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  1. Hi Room 6

    When I am tramping or kayaking, I like those 'one-square-meals'. You can now get mini sized ones (which is really good because the large ones were too big for me!) Alternatively I make my own scroggin. I get a nut mixture from supermarket and add my own chocolate! My favourite chocolate to use is Whittaker's white chocolate...yum!! My friend puts jet planes in her scroggin!

    From Emma

    PS wish I was coming with you guys sounds like awesome fun!


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