Monday, March 19, 2012

Are we spending too much time outside the classroom?

 Students may be academically smart, but thrown into the outside world we would have no knowledge. That is why we need all these outdoor education. Some parents think this is not right and we should cut down the amount of class trips. I disagree!
School trips are great for students to get actively involved in learning. This also gives us new experiences we wouldn’t get inside the classroom.
This term so far we have done a few school trips to: The Cawthron Institute exhibition at the museum, were we learnt about marine biology in New Zealand, and how it affects us. This was a great trip that we all enjoyed and learnt plenty from.
Tying in with our topic ‘Pushing the Boundaries’, as a whole school event we went to Quinny’s Bush for a fun educational day. At Quinny’s Bush we all had a go at doing activities that we wouldn’t normally do, and overcome our fears. This definitely was, educational!
So I have just explained the necessity of our outdoor adventures-class trips-. Maybe it’s not academically educational but it is still a major part of learning! 

By Saffron


  1. I thought our trip to the museum was pretty "academically educational". We broke codes (algebra), learnt about animal (eel) life cycles, bio-security and the effects of stock effluence on waterways and the ecosystems that inhabit them. This is all science which is pure academic knowledge. What do you think?


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