Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 We were extremely proud of Summer. It has to be said she was not overly looking forward to our kayaking day, infact in her own words, she was petrified. Would you have known it on the day? Definately not, she was in there boots and all having a great time. Kia Kaha Summer, it was awesome to see!  

Here are some of her thoughts about the day:

Kayaking  kids at Kaiteriteri 
A rt scattered on the warm soft sand 
I nteresting creepy crawlies we might see 
T errifying seaweed with tihe first impression of something else 
E ating to refuel our bodies with energy giving foods
R efreshing ourselves by accidentally falling overboard 
I cy spots in the water that sent shivers up my spine 
T errible winds that sent the risks of hypothermia 
E xploring the waters of the murky unknown beneath the   surface 
R isking everything out there 
I, personally was petrified, I certainly had to push my boundaries

 By Summer

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