Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kids Lit Quiz

My heart dropped as I skimmed through the booklet, there it was, one simple category….Shakespeare. Frantic panics filled the hall as we sped to our teacher pleading for answers, absorbing everything she knew about the crazed writer. “Please take your seats” said a gruff low voice. Nervously I looked back at our knowledge attainder.
Mysterious faces gazed around the room like giant hungry hawks.
Our first intense question… “Who was as big as a thumb,” Amanda rapidly jotted down the answer confidently and correctly.
As we went deeper and deeper into the sea of questions we began to sneak in front of many teams.
It finally came to an end. We strode out of the roomy hall and had the feeling that we had just won a marathon. Even though we didn’t come first we still tried our best
By Graham


  1. Just one word team.... PROUD!!

    Oh and Graham you know what I think of this piece of writing.... So expressive>



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