Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Reflections of Whenua Iti

The Flying Rat at Whenua Iti
by Ayla
If we are talking about pushing boundaries the Flying Rat definitely pushed mine to the limit. We made our way up, dodging cow pats, to the top of the hill where the giant framework for the flying rat activity was. As I put on my harness my nerves started to get the better of me.  Before I thought it would be easy. It was not.
The pressure that was put on me was breath taking. I was petrified! There was no way I wanted to go up that terrifying distance. 
I stood trembling. “I’m kinda ready!” I called.
Everyone  pulled the rope. I screamed.
Suspended in the air, it was terrifying.  My heart was pounding  and I anxiously bit my tongue and hung on for my life. It was a nightmare . I screamed as loud as I could. I was so stressed. 

Actually  now that I am in the classroom looking back,  it wasn't that bad infact it was a really amazing opportunity. I  didn’t realise I could do such a thing.  I learnt that sometimes you have to face your fear and just do it.

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