Monday, March 19, 2012

Persuasive Writing

We are learning to write persuasively.
What Ms I is looking for is:
To plan effectively,
a hook
state our opinions strongly,
 joining words (conjunctions) so, because,
feeling words and exaggeration

Miss I pretended a parent had written to complain about all the  EOTC that we are doing this term. These are our replies.

Going on a school trip...Complaints?

Do you think that children should have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom?
Some parents don’t.

I think that children should have the right to learn outside and away from the classroom. It is good for our development to learn inside and outside.
Firstly, yes we can have fun in our classroom but forget that, it’s more like the classroom of doom compared to the outdoors.

We can spend time with friends, play games and go on school trips all at the same time, it’s awesome! And you can have a laugh.
Like that time that we were throwing those hard apples at each other a Kaiteriteri.

Also experiences, some people may have not been to the beach or let alone kayak or canoe.

It’s also education you crazy parent, we can learn anywhere.
“Wow!” I’m learning while I am writing this argument.
Maori culture or how to climb a tree, that’s learning right?!

So… Yes we should spend more time outdoors because it helps us learn and it is a great opportunity for anyone.
 So to all you parents out there…… “That’s how we learn!”

By George

\Are we Spending too Much Time Outside the Classroom?
Imagine students had amazing academic achievements, but had no idea of the outside world? Is that our future? A totally one sided focus?

Surely not. Times have changed, why should a parent complain? School is no longer just a place to learn letters and numbers. It is to create a student that is confident in all areas. We are not spending too much time outside the classroom.

Learning way from school gives opportunities to have new experiences. It teaches students to adapt and make the most of their situation; to think for themselves. Leadership is encouraged, as well as team work and coordination. This type of education has so many benefits, and teaches pupils to naturally push their boundaries.

School is not a solely academic education. There is another side to the curriculum as well. Learning away from a classroom setting gives a hand on experience, therefore students can relate to the current topic more easily, benefiting both sides of the situation. Some subjects can be used the classroom, such as maths. It must not go unmentioned that 2012 is not a camp year, so more school trips would take place.

Lastly, learning outside the classroom is part of a fun and enjoyable way for students to learn. It offers new opportunities. It encourages original thinking, which is part of the school criteria. Right?

In conclusion, I think we are being offered a great amount of school outings. It is part of school. Outside learning enriches students; if parents want an over the top academic education, then Upper Moutere is not the school for them.

Perhaps the parent needs school more than the student?

                                                                                 By Amanda

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