Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trips Rock! Read my arguments why...

We should be allowed
 to go on School trips.

By Regan

Learning in the outdoors and going on trips is enjoyable because it clears our minds and makes it easier to concentrate on learning and it is better to do hands on work instead of been stuck inside all day. You also get the chance to do things you can't do in the classroom. It’s simple, it's just more fun. 

For example at  Kaiteriteri. We had new experiences like kayaking, we practise problem solving and to make sure our raft was strong and it stayed together. We had to be a creative thinker and to communicate with other team mates. It was the best day I have ever had! Even though it was very tiring I would love to learn like this every day.

Secondly, school trips are important because you can learn more when you can see things first hand. I can learn more if we have hands on work.  Like our trip to the museum to learn about the Cawthron Institute. I had to open a safe to figure out what killed the dogs. It was interesting and different so I enjoyed it. 

Furthermore at Quinney’s Bush we got to use our hands to make a dam to block the river. I already know how to make a dam, but what was special for me was that I got the chance to be a leader. 

 Finally at Whenua Iti I learnt to trust my classmates and overcome my fears through all the different activities we did. You can’t do anything like that in the classroom, we don’t have the equipment or the environment to do it.

In conclusion, it is important that kids can go on trips and learn in the outdoors because it is just more fun and students learn more from getting in and doing things hand on.

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