Friday, April 27, 2012


CONNIE: After reading the poem; Grandpa, What Did You Do in the War? by Jeff Cook, I was inspired to write this poem.

Is this what what we need.....
A mate so loyal there by your side
to share your journey of taking pride.
That cold feeling of death around the corner
Damp socks,wet coat... the trench is no sauna!
Taking a glimpse of the enemy team
You somehow wish its not what it seems.
Loved ones crying their eyes full of sorrow
Wishing that it will be over tomorrow.
Saying it's alright, but very unsure
Think about it. Do we want more?
Behind the scenes they don't want to fight.
Is this what we want? The thought is so sore.
Is this what we need?

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  1. Nice work. I like the meassage in your made me feel like I was in the war.


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