Monday, April 2, 2012

Luke's reflections of Whenua Iti

Some of the boys doing one of the team building activities.

Whenua iti
“Okay everyone come over to this ledge!” Jamie our instructor yelled. We walked over to the edge of the deck and put our hands into the middle to make a zip.

 I was told to stand on the edge of the deck facing away from the drop. My heart was pounding, sweat was pouring down my face and I had a feeling of excitement and fear running through my veins. 

Jamie told me to hook my arms together and fall backwards. It felt like I was falling for ages, were they going to catch me or not? Finally I felt the support of everyone hands. “Phew! I survived,” I thought. They lowered me down. 

This activity pushed my boundaries more than any other, because I had to rely on people not equipment. I learnt that I can trust my classmates. I sort of trusted them before but now I completely trust them. 

 Whenua Iti was awesome, I want to do everything again.
By Luke

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