Monday, April 2, 2012

Tyla's relections on Whenua Iti


I felt like a bullfrog ready to pounce. My mates nagged me on until I felt under pressure. Buckled in my harness, it felt just like a layer of tight shorts. I was starting to think, “is this an unstable ladder?”  One step after another until I got to the top of the pole. 

I looked down at my mates they were tiny ants.
“Should I jump or should I back down?” I wondered nervously.
On three I had to go”…1,2,3!” The bullfrog feeling was back. I leapt through the air, BAM! My hands slammed on the bar. I was now no bullfrog, I was an graceful eagle soaring back and fourth and back and fourth. The harness buckles began digging a hole into my skin, I just held the pain in. Finally I landed back on earth!

Yes! I defiantly pushed my boundaries today. I had no fear because I’m really confident. My belief:  no need to back down, just do it!

By Tyla

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