Friday, May 4, 2012

Ayla- Diary from the trenches

This week in reading we read about how life was for the ANZACs in Galliopoli especially in the trenches. We had to use this imformation in some way to practise our creative writing. I chose to write a diary entry. I am going to soak it in coffee to make it look really old. 

6th May 1916
Dear Diary,

Struggling for fresh air I climbed to the trench top. It was so cramped!  The trench was covered in mud and there was NO ROOM!!!!  I hated it. All I wanted to do is go home but I did not know if I would survive or not. I tried to think positive but all I could think was negative. I was so frustrated. I couldn’t sleep nor eat. This was the worst place EVER…it was a living hell. 

It was disgusting. It stunk of rotting corpse, flies covered the dead bodies and swarmed around you. They were driving me CRAZY. They flew into your mouth and sometimes you swallowed them. They tasted bitter and foul. I almost vomited the first time. This is something I could never get used to.

  I thought it was going to be FUN but I thought WRONG…very WRONG... it was the opposite to fun. The fighting was treacherous.  I could not breath most of the time,  I was so worried that I would get shot. I tried to fire at the enemy but bullets flew everywhere so I  retreated.  

I was starving so I reached for the jam and the deadly hard biscuits  that I broke a tooth  last time! The jam was full of flies and maggots ( it was disgusting but I was staving) I started to pick them out of the jam and spread it on to the biscuits. I don’t know if I can do this much longer.                                                                              

By Ayla.

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