Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Interview with AJ Hackett By Nicole, Graham and Shawn

By Nicole, Graham and Shawn


  1. Hi Guys
    Love the wig!

    Graham I really enjoyed how you captured AJ's personality.


  2. Loved the interview, I thought you portrayed the characters well and used humour effectively.
    I didn't know AJ Hackett went to is a good school turns out many great people...myself included. Ha ha.
    I think your next step is to consider how you use camera angles with your filming, for example the flowers in the forground were a dominant feature because of the camera angle. Looking forward to seeing more! Maia

  3. @Interview team
    Wow I really love this video. The costumes where really great and I love how you always said something chesey at the end of each line. Did this guy really invent bungie jumping? I really look forward to seeing your comments on our blog!

    From Harmony (6A spider pigs,Berwick fields primary school,Australia)

  4. That was a real rib tickler.

    You guys did a fantastic job at acting out the parts it was so funny it me Laugh so Loud. Loved the acsents you guys were hilarious

    From sean Berwick fields, Australia

  5. That was AWESOME! that was one of the best interviews that I ever seen I love your excpretions and your costumes were GREAT! i'm never gonna get over that good job guys

    From Oskar,BerwickFields,Australia(were it shines)


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