Thursday, May 17, 2012

Serious Incident at Upper Moutere School. Reported by Tyla

On the 16th of May, Angus Van de Ven broke his leg, at Upper Moutere School. Angus was playing tackle when Archie accidentally slipped on Angus 's leg.

 The teacher did not know if he was actually bruised on his leg or if he had broken it. Saree, the office lady placed
him in the sick bay. Saree called 111 and asked for the ambulance quick! 

The ambulance came as fast as it could. The nurse came into the sick bay and took him to the ambulance on the stretcher. Off he went to the hospital to be x-rayed.

Today Room Six found out that he broke it.

Reporter: Tyla


  1. Your report on the incident is really suspending like it makes feel as if I want to read a bit more. You could maybe try to add some tension, so any other reader can feel more excited about, if you’re going to make another report about what happened the next day. So you could say after the last sentence, until the next day.

  2. It is set out in good paragraphs and you have used lots of good puntuation. Jemma, Atwood Primary School, England


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