Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Kid Could Do That!

Last month our class created artworks of our own choice. Ms I choose the best few artworks and they then got entered into an kids art competition called, 'My Kid Could Do That!' From there Richmond Framers (who ran this great competition) along with help from local artists, picked 31 out of over 400 kids artworks to go on sale in a proper frame at the Reflections Art Gallery in the WOW Muesum.Tyla and I were glad to know that both of our artworks had been choosen to go on sale in the show. This exhibition runs from 10am to 4pm everyday over the next three weeks with a free entry to the show. All art will be on sale for $150 each with the artists receiving 50% of the price.
In the local newspaper yesterday an article was written about the exhibition, cheek it out on this link:

Autumn Blaze By Saffron

 Muddy Puddle By Tyla

Written By Saffron


  1. These are incredible! Well done guys. I love Muddy Puddle, what a cool piece.

    1. Hi Tyla and Saffron

      We think that your art is good for any gallery in the wourld. How did you blend the colors in your pictures so nicely? We think your picteres should go to the WOW museam forever!

      From Talia and Sarah :)

  2. Wow saffron I wish I could draw like that how long did it take? I love the creativity in the name it's cool how it looks almost 3d and how you didn't draw it from the front and a different way how many idea did you have before. You chose the

    1. Hi, thanks! We did about an hour each day for about 4 days. It was my second idea, my first idea was a flower but it didn't turn out right when I started.


  3. Hi
    I like your pantings because it looks really real and cool!


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