Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Question? The answer is .....The Olympics

Why are athletes from all over the world going to London in July 2012? .
What competition that was started in Ancient Greece times and is still held every 4 years today?
What competition do the 5 rings symbolise?.
Valerie Adams is going over to London for what event? .
What big event is having an opening ceremony this weekend?

Different uses for a pole voulting stick-
1.Surpporting a growing sunflower.
2.Moving cattle.
3.Flag pole.
4.High jump practice.
5.Testing a smoke alarm on a high ceiling.
6.Getting a kite from a up a tree.
7.Use it as a washing line.
8.Hang a fly sheet for a tent.
9.Measuring stick for checking water depth.
10.Wake your sister up in the morning.

By Edward Lane.

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