Monday, August 20, 2012

Gymnast Confidence

Gymnast Confidence
A flower stood alone
 Swaying in the warmth of the breeze.
That was me.
I had not yet bloomed
And lay silent ready to blossom
About to start my bar routine,
My leotard was as tight as a vice.
The people around me were the grass,
I was in the spot light the only flower.
As I lifted my arm
A petal strained to open.
I felt a wave of courage,
Around me
The butterflies in my tummy
 set free.
I was ready.
They flew around me I knew they were going to swoop past at some point
But for now I pushed them away
I extended my arms
And jumped to the bar.
A confetti of chalk flew in speckles
Around my face as I seized the bar.
My blisters ripped,
My flower had opened.
I was living the moment
By Connie

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