Friday, October 26, 2012

Candle making

Ms I  went to a fair in Wellington and saw small teacups with candles inside. This gave us an idea for the Village fair which will be held on Saturday 3rd November.
Some of the students in Room 6 brought in old cups and saucers that weren't cracked or chipped.

A group of students with Olivia as our guide made the candles.
First one of us stirred the wax until it was all melted and then added fragrance
(coconut & lime or lavender )while the other two glued the cups onto the saucers and glued the wicks into the cups making sure they were centered.When the wax was dry enough  Olivia poured it in the cups, trying not to get any on the saucers.

We are planning to sell all 60 candles at at the fair for $10.00 each. 

By Zoe & Brianna !!!!!

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  1. Hey its Benji I 've got a candle at home and its great it smells fantastic!!!!!!!


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